ORLEN Skylight accelerator

We scout around for start-ups whose solutions address the current calls:

Current calls

In the sixth acceleration round, we are looking for solutions that respond to the challenges identified below, identified by companies from the ORLEN Group. Recruitment for the 6th round was launched on November 24nd, it will run until December 21.2022.

Challenges dedicated to the sixth round of recruitment:

Industry 4.0 and secure organization

We are looking for solutions to enable automated monitoring of the physical parameters of steam traps within the steam network bus at the production site.
We are looking for solutions, particularly robots, to automate and optimize the inspection and cleaning (waste neutralization) processes of various types of tanks (aboveground and underground), including those used to store flammable and explosive substances.

Digital organization

We are looking for a tool that will improve the management of available trade and market information. The solution should automatically search and filter, according to established criteria, current market information obtained from sources relevant to PKN ORLEN, conduct screening of news publicly available on the Internet, and autonomously distribute the results of the review to the appropriate recipients within the organization.
We are keen to increase the involvement of managers in communication activities to strengthen the visibility of business projects and enhance the employer's image. The solution sought is to increase the volume of communications on LinkedIn and expand the reach of information and opinions published by employees. The solution's functions should allow for: generating post content, scheduling publications and obtaining analytical data.
The solution sought should provide the ability to report and analyze data on vehicle fleet utilization, mileage card billing. Generate an electronic mileage record card for a company vehicle.
In order to automate the inspection of rail tank cars, we are looking for a solution that autonomously recognizes markings and any information on them. It must be effective for tank cars in motion and regardless of weather conditions. Verification will be based on comparing the actual condition with an IT record including data such as identification number, revision data, weights, products, ADR/ GEVI and others.
We are looking for solutions to enable unmanned or remote verification of the signal quality of dispatching communications in TETRA, LTE, 5G standards, such as using a drone.
We are looking for solutions that enable remote inspection of infrastructure - both construction (including hydro facilities, wind farms, photovoltaic farms), as well as telecommunications (antenna) and power installations. The scope of the inspection should include, among other things, the quality of radio paths, compliance with standards, stability of structures, quality of protection, length of antenna paths or damage diagnostics.
The tool being sought should locate the sites of events that disrupt energy supply to consumers. It should be based on ICT data obtained from the grid (data from balancing meters, data from consumers and from smart meters) and operate in near real time.

Modern station and customer of the future

We are looking for solutions to improve contactless and automated customer service. In particular, support for new payment methods (other than cash, credit cards, NFC, BLIK, etc.). Functionality for verification of the customer's age of majority will be an added advantage.
We are looking for solutions to support our customers across the entire spectrum of sales formats (including food service, product dispensing, support at the distributor).
We are looking for inspiration and solutions to realize the potential of robots in the retail area.
We are looking for partners with whom it can expand its portfolio of services with new items complementary to its existing offerings. We are looking for solutions that can translate into high sales volume or above-standard margins.

Water in industrial processes

In order to continuously improve energy efficiency, we are seeking solutions that use turbines placed inside gravity sewer systems to generate electricity.
In order to meet the highest environmental standards, we are looking for solutions that enable real-time monitoring of the content and type of pollutants in wastewater.
In order to optimize water management and reduce water consumption, we are looking for advanced tools to accurately monitor flows and detect leaks in water and wastewater systems. We are also looking for tools to monitor the technical condition of these installations.

Efficient and low-carbon power generation

We are looking for a solution to conduct monitoring of the level of contamination and to quickly analyze and verify the composition of the vitrifiable (solid gasification residue) for possible further development.
Solutions designed for medium-sized installations (3-4 MWe) to optimize ongoing biogas production processes, taking into account various substrates (especially agri-food production waste), energy-efficient purification of biogas into biomethane, packaging of the produced biomethane into bioLNG bioCNG, as well as efficient management of by-products: CO2, other trace gases, digestate, among others.
The solution sought should allow monitoring and reporting on network performance and the occurrence of events and disturbances, taking into account the widest possible spectrum of variables as well as the results of the aforementioned events.
We are looking for innovative wind turbine systems with a lightweight design and a power output of 3-10KW. The most desirable solutions which should enable low turbine foundation and efficient power generation in low wind conditions. Durable design to allow safe installation on residential/commercial buildings and integration with other renewable energy sources and energy storage. An additional advantage will be the ability to base the solution on a mast.

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